Fighting Drug Charges with the Help of a Drug Defense Lawyer in Columbus, GA

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help with Drug Charges in Columbus GA

As in other U.S. states, drug possession is illegal in Georgia. However, you may feel confused about whether the charges are serious or not. Your charges may be described as Violations of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, which may result in felony charges.

Felony charges are extremely serious and shouldn’t be handled without proper legal help and representation. Depending on the type and amount of the drug, potential penalties can include from one to more than ten years in prison, along with harsh fines.

If you are facing drug crime charges or any other criminal charges in Georgia, the Office of ALJ may be able to help you efficiently fight the charges you are facing.

Drug Possession Crimes

Although drug schedules are controlled at the federal level, drug crimes are also regulated at the state level. The Georgia Controlled Substances Act (GSCA) regulates all drugs in Georgia.

Georgia categorizes illegal drugs and controlled substances into five schedules. Schedule I drugs (heroin, LSD, ecstasy) are considered the most dangerous ones with no accepted medical use. Conversely, Schedule V drugs, which contain small amounts of narcotics, can be legally prescribed because of their low abuse potential.

For a better understanding of Georgia drug possession law, consult with criminal defense attorneys with experience and expertise in the field of legal defense, criminal conviction, sex crimes, domestic violence, aggravated assault, DUI defense, and criminal law.

Penalties for Drug Possession Crimes

Charges and penalties for a drug offense in Georgia can range depending on which Schedule the drugs belong to. For example, possession of a Schedule I drug is a felony crime. However, penalties can range from one to 15 years of prison time, depending on the amount of the drug. Penalties for drug possession of Schedule II drugs are similar.

Possession of Schedule III, IV, and V controlled substances is also considered felonies with a potential penalty of 1-10 years in jail.

But, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor. A conviction can result in up to 12 months of imprisonment, fines of up to $1,000, and even a suspension of your driver’s license.

Although misdemeanors are considered less serious criminal charges than felonies, they can still carry significant penalties, including harsh fines and jail time. That’s why is having a qualified attorney on your side in court crucial. The Office of ALJ offers legal representation to clients charged with different crimes in Georgia. Whether you are facing charges for a misdemeanor offense or a felony, we can help.

How Can a Columbus Drug Charges Defense Attorney Help?

Drug charges, including possession and drug trafficking, are often challenging to defend against. But that doesn’t mean that a drug charge equals a conviction, especially if you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A good criminal defense attorney will help you figure out a way.

There are many ways a criminal defense team can help, including:

  • Determining if the police lawfully found drugs in the first place
  • Investigating if the search was done lawfully and whether the state can prove ownership of the drugs
  • Negotiating with the prosecution and fighting for a plea bargain or another acceptable solution

There are many other potential defenses against a drug case in Georgia. An experienced attorney will help you with the best legal defense and would be happy to represent clients with their legal services. Reach out to us and make an appointment at our office in Columbus.

Columbus Drug Defense Attorneys: Why You Should Hire Them

The mere possession of drugs alone is serious enough to require the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney or law firm. Additionally, if the individual had a large number of drugs when they were arrested, they might be facing drug trafficking charges as well.

A drug trafficking conviction is a felony that will stay on their permanent criminal record forever. Since a conviction will appear on a background check, this can negatively impact a person’s ability to find a job and reduce their earning potential. It can even create difficulties when finding housing or securing loans.

Due to these challenges, hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer is essential to your survival.

Law Firms for Drug Defense in Columbus, GA

It’s hard to fight against the Columbus, GA, criminal justice system alone because it can be scary and confusing. Nevertheless, before choosing a law office or a criminal defense attorney to represent you, ensure that you read client testimonials to learn as much as possible about a particular criminal defense attorney you are considering.

A reliable criminal defense lawyer should also have experience in court. You want one who runs your case confidently, not one who lets the case spiral out of control. However, we at the Office of ALJ can assure you that we won’t have our work cut out for us. Our goal is to find the best defense and help our clients – We will work together throughout this legal process – you can count on us.

If you are facing drug charges, it is essential to find criminal defense lawyers with experience defending drug offenses. Contact the Office ALJ, your local criminal defense and personal injury firm, for assistance with your legal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Successfully Defend a Drug Case in Columbus?

First, hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a lawyer or a legal team in the early stages of your case gives them more time to review the evidence and prepare your defense.

Experienced lawyers can analyze every aspect of your drug case. No matter how small, every detail can lead your criminal defense lawyer to create a bulletproof defense. Book a free consultation with a reputable law office to help you get started.

How to Successfully Defend a Drug Case in Columbus?

First, hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Hiring a lawyer in the early stages of your case gives them more time to review the evidence and prepare your defense.

Experienced lawyers can analyze every aspect of your drug case. No matter how small, every detail can lead your criminal defense lawyer to create a bulletproof defense.


How Do you Get a Possession Charge Dismissed?

One of the best ways to have the police drop the charges can be to prove your case won’t be admissible in court due to police errors. For example, searching for your person or property without a search warrant or your permission may result in the evidence collected being inadmissible in court.


How Can a Lawyer Craft a Defense for Positive Drug Test in a DUI Case?

If illegal drugs impair a person’s ability to drive safely, they could face charges for driving while impaired. Be careful; an individual could be charged with driving while impaired by drugs, whether they are under the influence of controlled substances received over the counter or illegal drugs.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows that the mere presence of prescription drugs in someone’s blood doesn’t mean they are guilty. The state has the burden of proof, meaning they have to prove you were the unsafe driver because of the influence of medications. Also, the arresting officer may have failed to perform the tests correctly, so an experienced lawyer can try to challenge the test result’s validity.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, including drug-related DUI, make sure you have a skilled attorney on your side.

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