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Violent crimes result in serious consequences requiring a sexual assault lawyer in Columbus, GA. Contact the Office of ALJ, PC for helpful info and advice!

Sexual Assault Attorney in Columbus

Violent crimes and sexual assault create significant trauma, personal injury, and other adverse health effects that could affect the victims throughout their lives. Hence offenders are subjected to serious penalties upon conviction under criminal law.

If you’re dealing with such criminal charges, facing the criminal justice system alone may not augur well for your future due to the steep penalties you might be exposed to. You might need to seek legal representation from Columbus, Ga, criminal defense lawyers that can defend you and protect your rights in court.

Meaning of Sexual Assault in Georgia

The Georgia Code defines sexual assault to include offenses such as;

  • Rape
  • Sexual battery
  • Statutory rape
  • (Aggravated) child molestation
  • (Aggravated) sodomy
  • Incest
  • Bestiality

Sexual assault offenses in Georgia are very serious. They are classified as felonies which means that such offenses are punishable by death, imprisonment for life, or more than 12 months. Even if you do get a short sentence after conviction, you’ll likely be registered as a sex offender in the Georgia Sexual Offender Registry.

Dealing With Sex Crime Charges in Columbus

The effects of a sexual assault conviction are devastating and could severely affect your quality of life. Apart from serving a prison sentence, your life may never remain the same even after your release from prison. A supposed sex offender suffers great harm to their reputation and may have trouble securing jobs or even a place to live.

Unfortunately, some accused persons may ignorantly implicate themselves when faced with a sex crime charge which could be detrimental to their case. If you get arrested, it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. If possible, avoid talking to the police without a criminal lawyer in Columbus, GA, present because whatever you say could be used as evidence against you by the prosecutor during the trial.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side throughout the legal process to represent you, assess the evidence, and set up possible defenses on your behalf might be all you need to beat the charges leveled against you.


Age of Consent in Georgia

The legal age of consent in Georgia is 16 years old. A 16-year-old has full capacity to consent to sexual activities.

Contact a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Columbus, Ga, to Fight Your Charges

Having the right legal team when facing sex crimes is crucial for your freedom. At the Office of ALJ, P.C., we understand the weight of felony crimes, and we have dedicated ourselves over the years to helping our clients with their serious felony criminal defense.

Our goal is to help our clients navigate the Georgia criminal justice system and ensure their rights and interests are safeguarded at all times.

So, if you or your loved one has been accused of sexual assault and you have questions about how to proceed, we are happy to work with you and help you explore possible legal defenses that would free you to get on with your life without the fear of a conviction.

You can visit our law firm at 233 12th Street Suite #208 Columbus, Georgia 31901, to speak with a criminal defense lawyer or schedule a consultation with us via our website.

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