Your Guide to the Superior Court Columbus GA

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The Georgia Superior Court in Columbus

The Columbus Superior Court falls under the jurisdiction of the Chattahoochee judicial circuit. This judicial circuit is made up of six counties; Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Harris, Marion, Taylor, and Talbot.

If you reside in any of these counties and you’re dealing with a criminal felony charge, a misdemeanor in Georgia, or a civil matter involving child custody or alimony, your case will likely be determined at the Superior Court in Columbus.

Please keep reading to learn more about the Court, its location, and its areas of criminal jurisdiction.

Criminal Jurisdiction of the Court

Under Georgia law, the Columbus Superior Court, like other superior courts in the state, has exclusive and concurrent jurisdiction over certain criminal cases.

Exclusive jurisdiction over a specific subject matter means that the court alone can hear and decide on legal conflicts in that area to the exclusion of all other courts. In this case, the court has exclusive criminal jurisdiction over felony cases such as a felony DUI charge. In such an instance, you might need a DUI lawyer to represent you in court.

The court also has concurrent or shared jurisdiction with other courts to hear cases such as misdemeanors. Appeals of magistrate and probate court judgments are also filed and heard there as well.

The Process of Criminal Trials at the Columbus, GA Superior Court

Criminal trials in the Columbus Superior Court typically begin with an arrest of the defendant by law enforcement officers for a felony offense or upon indictment by a grand jury.

If the defendant pleads guilty to the charge during the arraignment, then the judge may proceed to administer an appropriate sentence.

If the defendant pleads not guilty, then the case would proceed to trial before a jury of 12 carefully selected, fair and impartial individuals.

Having an attorney represent you is important if you are facing a felony charge before this court since your attorney would need to make an opening statement.

After the opening statements, both parties would present their evidence before the court, starting with the prosecution.

At the close of evidence, the jury enters deliberations and later returns their verdict to the judge.


The Jury’s Verdict

The jury’s verdict in a criminal trial determines the guilt and conviction of the defendant. Their decision must be unanimous regardless of the direction in which it swings.

If they reach a guilty verdict, the defendant is sentenced by the judge. If the verdict is ‘not guilty,’ the case is dismissed, and the defendant is free.

In some cases, though, the jury may be unable to reach a unanimous decision. In such cases, the case is classified as a mistrial. In such instances, the case may be reassessed and tried afresh.

If you’re facing felony charges in Columbus, the jury holds the key to your acquittal and freedom, so it is important that you do your best to convince them of your felony criminal defense. A criminal law attorney can proffer convincing arguments on your behalf that could help sway the members of the jury in your favor.

Contacting the Columbus Superior Court

The Columbus Superior Court is located at the following address:
100 10th Street
Georgia, 31901.

The Court is located at the Tower of the Consolidated Government Center in Muscogee County. If you’re unfamiliar with this area, you can easily locate it using Google Maps.

When you have your hearing for the first time, try to visit the court before your scheduled date, so you know how to get there. Having this information could help you avoid any problems with directions on the day of your hearing. 

The court is usually open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, so it is okay to visit within this period.

However, if you have a pending case, you’ll need to be in court at the specific time your case is scheduled.

If you need to mail the Court, the Court’s postal address is as follows:
P.O Box 2145
Columbus, GA, 31902. 

You can also contact the court via the telephone number 706-653-4370 if you have any inquiries or need to confirm any information about your case.

Can a Lawyer Help You With Proceedings at the Superior Court in Columbus

If you have further questions about the proceedings at the Columbus’s Superior Court, or you’re dealing with a felony charge there, you can contact us at the Office of ALJ, P.C. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are able and willing to answer your questions and provide you with the legal assistance you require.

We’d be glad to defend you in your Columbus Superior court criminal case. Contact us today to find out more about your options.

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